What’s Your Number? A Survival Guide to Room Selection

By Laura K. Garrison Lottery numbers and appointment times are out, sealing fates and breaking hearts across campus. If you’re cursing the Housing gods or consulting your interior designer (a.k.a. Mom), here’s how to survive room selection and end up in your dream space. Rising Seniors With all Plimpton corner singles converted to doubles,it will … Continue reading What’s Your Number? A Survival Guide to Room Selection

Housing Review: Elliott

Check out all our housing reviews from 2013 to learn more about other Barnard residential halls. For reviews on buildings that haven’t been published yet, check out our reviews from 2012.RoomsSingles: 64Doubles: 8Find out what rooms are still available. General descriptionCorridor-style, mostly singles with four doubles per floor. There are two 12-person clusters per floor that share the … Continue reading Housing Review: Elliott