Animation Nights New York

By Ruby Samuels

Millennials lie on an indoor astroturf lawn, drinking beer and eating m&m’s beneath gigantic glass orb lights and one glass wall. Every variation of animation imaginable is projected onto a screen in front of them. Hand drawn characters who could almost be Popeye or Betty Boop follow a short animation that uses stop motion characters made out of what appears to be scraps of garbage including soap and wire.

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Leave the Library and Dance for Free in NYC

By Ruby Samuels

One of the gifts of New York City is the ability to escape your personal worried world. Just by leaving the library you can lose yourself, often just for the cost of subway fare, into another world for the afternoon.

As a Columbia University student, you might pass by people of a dozen different nationalities, professions and political opinions on every blustery morning that you make your way to class, coffee in hand, back braced against pack. Perhaps you live off campus in Spanish Harlem or even Queens, where there are immigrants who make you feel, with their languages and food and sidewalk expressions of life, as though you are in another part of the world. But do you really experience those people and the knowledge that they have to offer? No matter where you live or who you are, I still think that you should take advantage of the free trial multi-cultural dance classes that are offered by studios all over New York City. If not for the cultural experience, then for the mental and physical therapy that every student at Columbia University needs. Read More »

Editor Feature – Ruby Samuels

Our next feature is one of Barnard Bite’s On-Campus editors! She’s a junior at Barnard majoring in sociology.


To lure a Ruby, one must sing Otis Redding dressed as Elvis Presley while riding a Nimbus 2000 broomstick and holding a Kafka short story book in one hand and dark chocolate in the other.  Ruby intends to become Woody Guthrie sometime in the next five years, which is why you might discover she has done quite a bit of rambling and roaming.

Thank you for all you do!


by Ruby Samuels


Some kind of Band-Aid is what you are

You’ll rub off and stick to some place too far

Or maybe you’re some kind of wandering guest

And I’m some kind of bird with spare room in my nest

No, I know. You’re an empty ATM

I can take what I give when I give what I can

But for now let’s be libraries and sit between shelves

We can borrow free words and colors and smells

Ruby Samuels is a Junior at Barnard and On-Campus editor for Barnard Bite.