TONIGHT: The Nine Ways of Knowing General Interest Meeting!

Are you interested in writing, blogging, and photography? Do you want to write about your passions, current events, campus news, or anything else in which you’re interested? Come TONIGHT at 9PM to The Nine Ways of Knowing General Interest Meeting in DIANA 308, and meet the staff behind Barnard’s coolest blog. Find out how you can get involved! (Plus – there will be food!) See below for more information on who we are and what we do.

The Nine Ways of Knowing is the only publication dedicated to the issues, events, and opinions of the Barnard campus published on a daily basis. Every week, our staff meets to discuss what’s been happening on campus, in New York, and around the world. While we are happy to pitch ideas for the staff, we encourage our writers to pursue their own interests when writing. Many of our staff members cover subjects that are important to them, including food, music, politics, health and wellness, and popular culture. We aim to represent the diversity of opinion on Barnard’s campus and no experience is necessary.

Feel free to shoot us an email at to demonstrate your interest. And if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on our many social media platforms:


Hope to see you tonight!

Zoe Baker-Peng
The Nine Ways of Knowing
Image courtesy of Elaine Griffin Designs and Crazy Tragic Almost Magic blog.


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