A Cloudy But Very Talented Piazza

by Soyini Driskell

It was the incredible individual talent of each actor brought last weekend’s performance of The Light in the Piazza together. Margaret, played amazingly by Shelley Farmer (BC’14), was hilarious, had great comic timing, and her shifting emotions were on full display for the entirety of the show. Farmer held the entire audience captive with each of her lines. The young lovers, Clara (Rebekah Lowin, CC ’14) and Fabrizio (Geoff Hahn, CC ’15), were very sweet, their feelings for one another provided a good center for the show. Hahn has a very rich and powerful voice that reached every corner of the Glicker-Milstein theatre; I spent intermission hoping that he’s in the dual music program (if not, you’re kidding. Send that application!). Lowin gives Clara a charming impetuousness that allows the audience, or at least me, to root for her love story. The show was backed by a five-piece ensemble, including a very zippy harpist, that really punched up the drama in certain scenes (Italians are so passionate!) and lent a wonderful mood to the entire production.

While the performers were great (they really were the marrow of the show), the story itself was a bit confusing. The plot half-stepped in a few different directions: it started as a story about two kids in love, and then we added her mom’s hand-wringing, and then there was something weird going on with his parents, and then something was up with his lothario brother and the femme fatale wife. There were some sub-plots that were picked up and promptly put back down, which left the story to trail off towards its end. The shining star of the night were the incredible performers who lifted the sometimes baffling plot and made the show a marvel.

Soyini Driskell is a sophomore at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Image courtesy of Barnes & Noble.


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