SGA Election Results

SGA has just announced the election results!! Congratulations to everyone who ran! SGA reports that 47.7% of Barnard students voted this year, so we’re looking forward to what SGA has to do next year for a student body that gives it our full attention (well, at least half of our attention)!

Winners of class elections after the break.

SGA Executive Board

Poppin’ President Popkin!

President SGA: Maddy Popkin

Vice President: Mia Cooper

Vice President for Campus Life: Colleen Mulvihill

Vice President for Communications: Renee Kraiem

Vice President of Finance: Julie Tauber

Representative Positions

Jr. Representative to the Board of Trustees: Ashiana Jivraj

Representative for Student Interests: Eliza Taylor

Representative for College Relations: Angela Sun

Representative for Campus Policy: Emily Hough-Kovacs

Representative for Diversity: Julia Qian

Representative for Student Services: Claudia Flores

Representative for Information and Technology: Mel Meder

Representative for Arts and Culture: Adrienne Nel

Senior Class

Sr. Class President: Stephanie Fernandez

Sr. Class VP: Nikki Weiner

Junior Class

Jr. Class President: Hannah Rosenwein

Jr. Class VP: Lissa Soares

Sophomore Class

Soph. Class President: Shivani Vikuntam

Soph. Class VP: Rachel Chung

Soph. Class Secretary: Anjali Agarwalla

Soph. Class Treasurer: Pascale Dugue

Photo courtesy of Autostraddle.


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