Housing Review: 620 W 116th St.

Lottery numbers are out!! Let the Hunger Housing games begin!

Farthest of the 600s from campus, but who’s complaining

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3 Singles, 1 Double: 1
2 Singles, 1 Double: 1
2 Singles, 2 Doubles: 7
3 Singles, 2 Doubles: 3
4 Singles: 12
5 Singles: 12 (Reserved for Seniors)
Find out what’s still available.

General Description
The suites in 620 are very variable. The top suites (from the 5th to 10th floor) are all singles, and generally sought after by seniors. The suites are characterized by narrow hallways and small common rooms, but storage is usually not a problem due to ample cabinets and closet space. Laundry machines are located in the basement. There’s a TV lounge with a piano on the first floor and a computer lab on the first floor of 616.

Get ready for some narrow hallways

One bathroom per suite. Due to how old the building is, expect variable water pressure and drain problems.

Comes equipped with sink, a gas stove/oven, and a refrigerator. Some can be comfortable, others are quite small.

Prices (updated for the 2013-2014 academic year)
Single: $9,800 for the academic year/ $4,900 for one semester
Double: $8,450 for the academic year/$4,225 for one semester
Minimal Meal Plan: $300 per semester

• Two shared closets
• Upper floors have great views
• Quieter, further from Broadway
• Close to campus
• Wireless internet access

Real-person kitchens! (From a C suite)

• Building is really old — mis-matched paint, noisy heaters that don’t always work, etc.
• Expect to need repairs, and often
• Most views on lower floors are of an air-shaft
• At least one elevator breaks every few weeks, sometimes both at once
• Farthest of the 600s from campus
• No A/C
• Thin walls
• Overactive fire-alarms and smoke detectors
• Occasional pest problems
• Nearest computer lab and common area are on the first floor of 616
• Will be closed for winter break
• Four washers and four dryers make for a lot of crowding when more than a couple people try to do laundry at once
• Common area and kitchens are bound to be cramped, although this is common for most residential buildings
• Riverside and 116th is a common spot for muggings, burglaries, and assaults
• Rooms are very variable in size

• The rooms in the D suites tend to be mislabeled on the floor plans; the D1 room is actually a great deal larger than the D2 room
• C suites have the largest kitchens, but no common room
• Great option for groups that need a lot of singles and want to be close to campus
Floors 5 through 10 are reserved for seniors

Images courtesy of Barnard Residential Life.


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