Oscars 2013: Survey Results

by Molly Scott

Inappropriate, maybe. But bad-looking he is not!

Last week, we asked our readers to predict who would win the Oscars. See your results after the break!

This year the theme of the Oscars was “Music in Movies,” and multiple talents preformed on stage. There were wonderful songs from the casts of Chicago and Les Misérables, Jennifer Hudson from Dreamgirls, Barbara Streisand, and Adele. There weren’t many Oscar “catastrophes” this year, however Jennifer Lawrence did fall on her way to accept her award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Although, no one really cares because I mean, come on, she’s Jennifer Lawrence.

Seth McFarlane also had many successful and humourous moments as host. MacFarlane showed off his incredible vocal talent throughout the entire night, however, many are saying that many of his jokes and songs were a bit on the inappropriate side. For example, his song “We Saw Your Boobs,” where he listed famous actresses who have bared their chests on screen, has been called out as sexist. McFarlane also made a joke about Jews in Hollywood via his character Ted and other comments that have been called racist and inappropriate for alluding to domestic violence.

While many of these claims are true, it’s important to keep in mind past Oscar hosts. I can’t remember a host that I’ve seen who hasn’t made an awkward or unfortunate comment. Perhaps McFarlane took it to a much more uncomfortable level, but I think his performance is truly up to personal opinion.

Overall, it was an awesome, but long, ceremony that featured some incredible talent.

Last week, y’all voted for winners in different categories. The predictions for winners were all correct, nice job ladies!

The 22-year-old actress who actually acts like she’s 22!

Best Picture
Your Pick: Argo

Actor in a Leading Role
Daniel Day-Lewis
Your Pick: Daniel Day-Lewis

Actress in a Leading Role
Jennifer Lawrence
Your Pick: Jennifer Lawrence

Thoughts on the host, Seth McFarlane
Some funny bits, but very musically talented!
Your Thoughts: Why couldn’t Tina and Amy host?!

Favorite Movie This Year
There was a tie! 20% of you said Django Unchained and 20% said Silver Linings Playbook was your favorite movie to come out in 2012.

Most Popular Color on the Red Carpet
White, peachy, light pastel colored dresses seemed to be the trend this year. Although, there were many black and gold metallic dresses as well.
Your Pick: Red

Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning Dior Haute Couture dress seemed to be everyone’s favorite this year!

Molly Scott is a sophomore at Barnard and Girl Talk Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and Red Carpet Fashion Awards.


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