Election Day Live Blog!

by Samantha Plotner

Ready, set, GO! The race is on! Keep refreshing or click here to update our liveblog! Want to keep track of the map? Follow The New York Times’ electoral map as well as Huffington Posts.
Electoral Vote Count (from CNN): Obama (303) Romney (206)
Electoral Vote Count (from MSNBC): Obama (284) Romney (203)
Senate Control (from New York Times): Democrats (52) Republicans (44) Independent (1)


President Barack Obama’s Victory Speech

[2:01 AM]: That was a wonderful speech. I’m looking forward to the inaugural address. Most importantly, the speech emphasized how he is every American’s President, whether you voted for him or not. But now, it is time to go to sleep after a long Election night.

[1:58 AM]: “We are, and forever will be, the United States of America.”

[1:58 AM]: “You can make it in America if you’re willing to try.”

[1:57 AM]: “I’ve never been more hopeful about our future… I ask you to sustain that hope.”

[1:55 AM]: Chris Christie gets a veiled shout out.

[1:53 AM]: “What makes America exceptional are the bonds that hold together the most diverse nation on earth.”

[1:52 AM]: “The role of a citizen in our democracy does not end with your vote.”

[1:51 AM]: “Tonight, you voted for action.”

[1:49 AM]: “We believe in a generous America, a compassionate America, a tolerant America.”

[1:47 AM]: “These arguments we have are a mark of our liberty.”

[1:46 AM]: “That’s why we do this. That’s what politics can be. That’s why elections matter.”

[1:44 AM]: “You lifted me up the whole way. And I will always be grateful.” referring to the volunteers and campaign staff.

[1:44 AM]: “to the best ever” campaign team and volunteers “in the history of politics.”

[1:43 AM]: Oh, and that was the world’s cutest shout out to Michelle Obama.

[1:42 AM]: Everybody cheers wildly for the Joe Biden shout out.

[1:41 AM]: “We may have battled fiercely but it is only because we love this country deeply.”

[1:40 AM]: “I want to thank every American who participated in this election.”

[1:38 AM]: “The task of perfecting our union moves forward. It moves forward because of you…We are an American family and we rise or fall together”

[1:37 AM]: The crowd goes wild! Stevie Wonder is blasting

[1:36 AM]: And here’s Obama! Lovely family in tow.

[1:33 AM]: CNN calls a victory for marriage equality in Washington state.

[1:31 AM]: 60% of young voters and 55% of women voted for Obama.

[1:27 AM]: The Emergency Manager law is on the ballot in Michigan and is currently losing.

[1:23 AM]: Paul Ryan may not be the next VP but he does get to keep his seat in the House representing Wisconsin.

[1:20 AM]: Obama’s victory speech is coming any minute now. You can watch it live here.

[1:16 AM]: If the models hold up, Obama won every battle ground state except for North Carolina.

[1:12 AM]: The crowd in Chicago is dancing waiting for Obama’s victory speech.

Govenor Mitt Romney’s Concession Speech

[1:01 AM]: Short, sweet, humble and gracious. Just what a concession speech should be. Props to Mitt Romney.

[12:59 AM]:  “Put the people before the politics. I believe in America. I believe in the people of America.” —Romney

[12:58 AM]: “Our leaders have to reach across the aisle.” —Romney

[12:56 AM]: “She would have been a wonderful first lady” referring to Ann. —Romney

[12:55 AM]: Romney has started his concession speech.

[12:50 AM]: Romney has called Obama to concede according to MSNBC.

[12:42 AM]: CNN calls Virginia for Obama!

[12:33 AM]: According to CNN, Obama now has a lead in the popular vote (thanks to California and the rest of the West Coast).

[12:30 AM]: Marriage equality has passed in Maine!

[12:28 AM]: The theory is being raised that Romney hasn’t conceded yet because he is writing his concession speech. The campaign is quiet on what’s going on.

[12:20 AM]: Romney has not yet called Obama to concede. His campaign is contesting that Ohio will go for Obama.

[12:18 AM]: Colorado and Washington have legalized possession of small amounts of marijuana.

[12:17 AM]: CNN has called Nevada for Obama.

[12:14 AM]: CNN is projecting the ballot measure legalizing medical marijuana has passed in Massachusetts.

[12:11 AM]: MSNBC has called Colorado for Obama.

[12:09 AM]: Legalization of marijuana (both entirely and medical) is on the ballot in several states though no results have been called. Same sex marriage is also on the ballot in four states, with a victory for marriage equality called in Maryland.

[11:54 PM]: Romney is reportedly not ready to concede.

[11:50 PM]: Florida, Virginia and Colorado are still in play. Polls in Alaska are still open!

[11:48 PM]: CNN calls Nevada for Obama.

[11:44 PM]: CNN isn’t calling Virginia yet, but Obama is now leading.

[11:41 PM]: On Fox News Karl Rove is trying to argue Ohio shouldn’t be called yet (and by extension the Presidential race). 

[11:33 PM]: The question now is what will Romney say in his concession speech? And what will Obama say in his victory speech?

[11:30 PM]: According to Politico, the ballot measure legalizing same sex marriage in Maryland has passed.

[11:28 PM]: Right now, Obama has won the Electoral College but is still behind in the popular vote according to MSNBC.

[11:19 PM]: CNN calls the race for Barack Obama!

[11:17 PM]:  Fox News calls the race for Barack Obama!

[11:13PM]: MSNBC calls the race for Barack Obama!

[11:12PM]: Ohio goes to Obama!

[11:11 PM]: Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth has won in her race for the House in Illinois.

[11:09PM]: MSNBC calls Iowa for Obama.

[11:06 PM]: Senator Claire McCaskill is giving her victory speech in Missouri. “You decided you wanted nothing more complicated than your government to reflect your values…You were going to have a voice in Washington that made you proud.” Her message to the voters who didn’t vote for her “I go to Washington first as a Missourian.”

[11:06 PM]: CNN Predicts Democrats Maintain Control of the Senate

[11:00PM]: California, Hawaii, and Washington go to Obama. Idaho and Montana go to Romney according to CNN.

[10:56PM]: MSNBC calls the Virginia Senate race for Democrat Tim Kaine! My entire living room burst into cheers.

[10:55PM]: Elizabeth Warren in her victory speech after winning the Massachusetts Senate seat “This victory belongs to you…We’re gonna fight for a level playing field.”

[10:54 PM]: It’s going to be a long night ladies and gents. Key battleground states Ohio, Virginia, and Florida are still too close to call.

[10:49 PM]: Missouri goes to Romney according to MSNBC

[10:47 PM]: Todd Akin is giving his concession speech in Missouri. He lost his attempt to unseat Senator Claire McCaskill. He’s mentioned God three times in three sentences. He also lost his House seat, since he had to give that up to run for the Senate.

[10:43 PM]: Minnesota goes to Obama according to MSNBC.

[10:34 PM]: MSNBC calls Arizona for Romney.

[10:26 PM]: Romney is ahead in Virginia by about 68,000 votes.

[10:24 PM]: Obama has a 46,518 vote lead in Florida and a 85,704 vote lead in Ohio.

[10:18 PM]: Florida is still insanely close, but on CNN James Carville thinks Obama will take it. 

[10:12 PM]: Chris Murphy (Connecticut) in his Senate victory speech “Health Care is not for those rich enough to afford it, it is a human right.”

[10:08 PM]: MSNBC projects Claire McCaskill to keep her Senate seat, holding off Mr. “legitimate rape” Todd Akin.

[10:02 PM]: Iowa, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota and Missouri are too early to call. Utah and Montana go to Romney.

[9:55 PM]: Florida is still crazy close, and my e-mail inbox is being inundated with pleas for Virginia voters to stay in line.

[9:50 PM]: New Hampshire goes to Obama according to MSNBC. 

[9:44 PM]: Joe Donnelly (Democrat) is projected to win the Indiana Senate seat, beating Richard Murdock who is infamous for his comments on rape.

[9:43 PM]: Elizabeth Warren wins the Senate seat in Massachusetts for the Democrats according to MSNBC.

[9:35 PM]: The Senate race in Wisconsin is too close to call but Tammy Baldwin has a lead. If she were to win, Baldwin would be the first openly gay Senator.

[9:33 PM]: Senator Sherrod Brown (a Democrat) holds on to his seat in Ohio according to MSNBC.

[9:32 PM]: Polls closed in Virginia at 7pm, but it is reported people are still waiting in line to vote.

[9:29 PM]: Wisconsin goes to Obama according MSNBC.

[9:18 PM]: Senator Kristen Gillibrand of lovely New York State keeps her Senate seat. She got the seat when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State.

[9:15 PM]: Pennsylvania goes to Obama according to MSNBC. 

[9:12 PM]: MSNBC has called the Pennsylvania Senate race for incumbent Democrat Bob Casey.

[9:08 PM]: CNN projects Republicans will continue to control the House of Representatives. 

[9:03 PM]: According to CNN.  Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska (3 out of 5 votes), North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, Mississippi go to Romney. Michigan, New York, and New Jersey go to Obama. Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Wisconsin are too close to call.

[8:56 PM]: 156 electoral votes are up for grabs when polls close at 9pm. 270 electoral votes are needed to win.

[8:38 PM]: CNN is reporting long lines throughout Virginia. Voting may go until 11pm.

[8:33 PM]: Arkansas has gone to Romney. Chris Murphy, the Democratic candidate, is being projected to win Connecticut’s Senate Seat.

[8:27 PM]: Former Republican Governor of Florida Charlie Crist is on MSNBC wearing his 2012 Obama button. Crist endorsed Obama during the campaign. Rachel Maddow openly wondered if Crist is gearing up to run for Governor again.

[8:25 PM]: With 50% of the vote in, Florida is neck and neck. Obama has the slightest of leads.

[8:22 PM]: Pundit on MSNBC is quoting an estimate the Obama could get up to 75% of Hispanic voters.

[8:11 PM]: With 46% of the vote in, the President holds a slight lead in Florida thanks to early voting.

[8:10 PM]: While the Senate race in Massachusetts is too close to call, Elizabeth Warren has a lead. Senator Claire McCaskill (running in Missouri against Mr. “legitimate rape” Todd Akin) also has a lead.

[8:07 PM]: Independent Angus King wins the Senate race in Maine. The Missouri and Massachusetts races are still too close to call. The Connecticut and New Jersey Senate races are too early to call. The big news is the win for Angus King, who is independent and has not stated which party he will caucus with.

[8:04 PM]: Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Missouri are too early to call. Florida and New Hampshire are too close to callIllinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Delaware, the District of Columbia go to Obama. Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Mississippi go to Romney.

[7:58PM]: More visual? Follow how the states are going with The New York Times’ electoral map.

[7:56 PM]: Georgia goes to Romney. Minutes away from more poll closings, including Florida and Pennsylvania.

[7:48PM]: In “Democracy Plaza” at 30 Rock the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink has a large map of the United States, and as states go to one candidate or the other they get colored red or blue.

[7:44 PM]: The Ohio county to watch is Cuyahoga, where Obama out-did McCain in 2008 69% to 30%.

[7:36PM]: It’s too close to call in Ohio, North Carolina, and Virginia, Indiana, South Carolina, and West Virginia go to Romney. 

[7:25 PM]: Question of the moment, how will Romney’s claim that auto jobs were being shipped to China (a claim widely disproven) effect his chances in Ohio?

[7:15 PM]: Chuck Todd is emphasizing the importance of Fairfax County (where I’m from and vote) for Obama’s chances for taking Virginia. Evidently, people are still in line in Virginia despite the polls technically closing fifteen minutes ago. Remember if you are still in line you can still vote! Even past the polls closing time.

[7:05 PM]: According to NBC exit polls, 43% of voters in key swing state Virginia think the economy is improving.

[7:04 PM]: Kentucky and Indiana have gone to Romney, Vermont and New Hampshire to Obama, and Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia are too close to call.

[6:52 PM]: The Senate race between Tim Kaine and George Allen in Virginia (where the polls close in  a matter of minutes) was the most expensive in the country. That in large part is thanks to Karl Rove’s super PAC Crossroads GPS.

[6:41 PM]: Lines in Florida are still long and New Jersey doesn’t have electricity or clean water, but they’re still voting. The struggles of democracy!

[6:35 PM]: “Now it’s gone to the jury” Steven Schmidt talking about Election Day

[6:30 PM]: Evidently the Romney party is a cash bar, and Romney has only written a victory speech.

[6:30 PM]: The first polls close in half an hour, I’m tuned into MSNBC, and ready to live blog what’s sure to be a long night.

Samantha Plotner is a senior at Barnard and Senior Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing. She is a political science major.

Image courtesy of Salon.


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