Hurricane Updates: No Classes Tuesday

We’re thankful to our western coast friends for praying for us, our parents for freaking out, and the Barnard security guards and kitchen staff that were asked to spend the night on campus in order to make sure we stay safe in the anarchy that inevitably accompanies natural disasters. But, if you’re like me, you woke up this morning with a hurricane-size hangover, bundled yourself up in blankets to make a trip to your window a few feet away, grunted in response to the hurricane “really not looking all that bad,” and elected to go back to sleep. But not after going through a few Facebook and Twitter updates and checking The Nine Ways of Knowing, of course.

UPDATE: For President Obama’s Hurricane Sandy statement Live, go here.
Also, no class tomorrow.

Hurricane News

•Weather Channel reports that NYC is supposed to get the worst of the Hurricane around midnight tonight. Anyone else hoping for a second day of cancelled classes? (watch this, from 1’00” if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing.) Or watch the weather channel live on YouTube.

•Weather Channel covering NYC, and speculative timing of hurricane conditions over the next few days in NYC and NJ.

•NYTimes interactive Hurricane map. Just put in your home zip code or 10027.

•President Obama will be making a Hurricane statement at 12:45pm — we only hope it’s a good response to the statements that Hurricane Sandy has been making.

•Just feel like quaking under your covers? Watch NASA’s soundless video of impending doom.

Image courtesy of CNN.


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