SGA Election Results

…and the results are in! Meet the new members of your SGA! Congratulations to everyone who ran. We’re expecting an great year from the SGA and all its members after such an exciting election. You can also see the winners of the class elections after the break.

SGA President, Jung Hee Hyun

Learn more about the winners and the other candidates here.

SGA Executive Board

President SGA – Jung Hee Hyun

Vice President SGA – Julia Kennedy

Vice President Student Activities – Sarah Steinmann

Vice President For Communications – Malvina Kefalas

Vice President of Finance – Mara Wood

Representative Positions

Junior Representative to Board of Trustees – Ayelet Pearl

CCSC Liaison – Swati Amin

ESC Liaison – Leah Metcalf

Academic Affairs Representative – Elaine Gottesman 

University Senator – Kalliope Kyriakides

Representative for Diversity – Stephanie Fernandez

Representative for Student Services – Leah Rothstein

Community Programming Representative – Rivka Holzer

Senior Class

Sr. Class President – Linda Zhang

Sr. Class Vice President – Paige Sussman

Junior Class

Jr. Class President – Aliza Hassine

Sophomore Class

Soph. Class President – Hannah Rosenwein

Soph. Class Vice President – Michal Edelman

Soph. Class Treasurer – Julie Tauber

Image courtesy of Athena Center for Leadership Studies.


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