Housing Review: 110

Senior Studios

601 W 110th Street

6 person suites of all doubles
3 person suites of a double and a single
5 person suites of a double and a triple
4 person suite of 2 doubles
9 person suite of 1 single and 4 doubles (these suites are broken up for lottery)

Find out what’s still available.

General Description
110 began its life as an apartment building, so there is a wide variety in room size and layout. Many of the bathrooms are still sparkling from recent renovation and residents rave about the building’s friendly staff. However, some of the doubles are cramped or awkwardly located within a suite, and there are multiple instances in the floor plan where identical rooms (directly above or below one another) will be assigned to different numbers of people. The building that hasn’t been converted by ResLife is still apartments, many of which are occupied by students.

They are fairly new and in good condition (at least in most of the rooms). Some of the larger suites have multiple bathrooms.

Whether you have a kitchen varies so check the floorplan, because some rooms have a kitchenette (mini-fridge, stove top and sink) as opposed to kitchens that fridges, stove tops and an oven.


Single: $9,480 for the academic year/ $4,740 for one semester
Double: $8,240 for the academic year/$4,120 for one semester

Minimal Meal Plan: $300 per semester


  • Thick walls
  • Apartment feel
  • Nice bathrooms
  • Friendly staff
  • Some suites have 2 bathrooms
  • Proximity to most of the place you run errands (Duane Reade, Westsside) or eat (Mel’s, Chipotle)


  • Doesn’t have it’s own wireless
  • Laundry room isn’t open 24 hours
  • On lower floors, beware of street noise
  • Distance from campus
  • Nine person suites can be difficult to live in


  • In some four person suites, the front door of the suite enters into one of the bedrooms, affording little privacy
  • Rooms on the air-shaft or west side of the building get no light
  • Rooms facing Broadway on lower floors provide great people watching—but everyone on the street can watch you right back
  • South facing windows can have fabulous views
  • Look at the floor plan before you pick, since rooms vary widely.

Image via Stellar Management


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