Housing Review: Cathedral Gardens


6 Singles: 3

4 Singles: 1

4 Singles, 1 Double: 3
3 Singles, 1 Double: 4
2 Singles, 1 Double: 4
Find out what’s still available.
General Description
CG is generally agreed to be Barnard’s nicest hall. It is all suites, made up of singles and doubles. You get the standard bed, desk, chair, dresser and your room has a closet. There are wood floors and wonderful natural light. It is also worth noting that CG is an apartment building, not a dorm, that Barnard uses space in, so there will be tenants living in the same building, aside from Columbia students. On the student floors, the other tenants are Barnard faculty members. Each suite has a large common area that comes furnished with a couch and armchairs. Correction: CG does sign in like every other dorm on campus.
Bathrooms are shared within a suite that you and your suitemates clean. Some have two bathrooms, one of which has two sinks and showers.
There is one per suite with a sink, gas stove and oven, refrigerator, and the holy grail of New York City kitchens, a dishwasher. 
Single: $9,480 for the academic year/ $4,740 for one semester
Double: $8,240 for the academic year/$4,120 for one semester

Minimal Meal Plan: $300 per semester

  • Large common areas within suites
  • TV lounge and roof-top patio on 10th floor (with a fantastic view)
  • Your packages can be delivered directly to the building
  • Did we mention the dishwasher?
  • Temperature control and AC
  • Location so far from campus can be refreshing
  • Very close to Morningside and Central Parks
  • Apartment, rather than dorm feel
  • New building, built in 2005, as well as relatively new furniture
  • Access to A, C and B, D trains (transfer to 1-line at Columbus circle)
  • Good location for cafes and restaurants, and supermarket nearby

  • Since it’s at 110 and Manhattan Avenue, it is a walk to get to campus (17 minutes)
  • Feels disconnected from campus
  • The internet connection is via modem if you’re in a single, and by a Linksys router if you’re in a double. 
  • Thin walls
  • A suites on all floors have two bathrooms (attached to the double room)
  • Closets are significantly larger in some rooms (2A5, 2A5, 2F1, 2F3, 2G4,  and on floors 3 through 5: most notably B3, A1 and A2 but also D6 and D4)
  • Rooms in A, F, and G suites tend to be larger
  • Consider an Unlimited Metrocard in the winter (you can take the M4 bus to and from campus in the winter)

Image courtesy of New York Times.


2 thoughts on “Housing Review: Cathedral Gardens

  1. Just FYI, while it is true that there are non-students living at CG, they are not random tenants… the remaining apartments are used as Barnard faculty housing, so everyone at CG *is* connected to Barnard. There are some non-Barnard tenants in another part of the building that is not connected to any of the student floors and has its own separate entrance on 110th St, so they don't really count.

    Also, it is not true that guests don't have to sign in. All guests are still required to sign in at CG.

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