Housing Review: Hewitt

…And the lottery numbers are out! The Nine Ways of Knowing plans to cover all the Barnard dorms during the upcoming days, so keep checking back! If you have something to add, feel free to add a comment or fill out our housing survey.

Singles: 193 singles
Doubles: 4 doubles
Triples: 2 triples

Find out what’s still available.

General description
Corridor-style. Singles (mostly 16′ by 8′) are narrow, but a lot larger than the singles in Elliott. Linoleum floors (we recommend getting a rug), and in-wall closets. Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, chair and dresser.

Mostly shared hall-style bathrooms. They’re fairly nice and cleaned regularly by facilities. Also, you have access to the bathrooms in Sulzberger and Reid (can you say “handicapped shower”?).

No kitchen is designated to Hewitt, they’re shared with the ones in Sulzberger. Each comes with a stove, a sink and a microwave. Even floors of the Quad (4, 6, 8) have ovens.

Single: $9,480 for the academic year/ $4,740 for one semester
Meal Plan: $1,930 per semester ($2,036 for kosher)


  • Super close to campus (waking up 5 minutes before every class is a definite possibility)
  • Privacy and quiet halls
  • You can go through the Sulz entrance or the Brooks entrance (except if you live on the second floor)
  • Really close to the gym and Quad computer labs and practice rooms
  • Wireless internet (Barnard Secure and Barnard Guest… albeit, sporadically)
  • Claremont side: Great sunsets over the Hudson, basically all year long


  • Can be a little isolating
  • You have to get a huge meal plan (Quad Upperclass Meal Plan)
  • No kitchen (you share the quad-kitchens with the freshmen on your floor)
  • There’s no lounge/common space specifically for Hewitt
  • Walls are thin
  • No AC (bring a fan)
  • Claremont side: Garbage trucks can come along and make noises in the morning or late at night
  • Quad side: Nothing beats the acoustics in the quad. Nothing.
  • Second floor of Hewitt is only accessible through the Hewitt stairwell. Otherwise, you have to go up to third floor, walk through the halls and go down the stairwell


  • Come in as a group. Even if all your friends are going suite-style, find some new buddies
  • Try to grab a single at the end of the hall. They’re a little bigger.
  • Claremont side rooms are a little larger and tend to get a little more natural light
  • If you have resentment for certain colors (read: pastel), take a walk in the quad and figure out what floor you want to live on beforehand
Image courtesy of Barnard ResLife.

2 thoughts on “Housing Review: Hewitt

  1. You have a typo under the room prices — if you live in Hewitt for just one semester (ex. before going abroad for the Spring), the cost is $4,740 (not $7,740), which is half of the yearly rate of $9,480.

    Also, the rooms in Hewitt that share a private bathroom are not available to pick at Room Selection (you can see this online at http://barnardreslife.org/roomselection/available/?Building=HH). We hold those rooms for ODS assignments, etc. over the summer. If we don't end up needing to assign them as disability accommodations, we will assign them to students on the Guaranteed Wait List.

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