The War on Christmas: Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

By Laura K. Garrison

Last week on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart proclaimed a War on Christmas. Over the past couple of years, Christian religious conservatives have believed their beloved holiday has been under attack by Americans of other faiths. Their complaint? That Happy Holidays has now replaced the traditional greeting, Merry Christmas. In an effort to be politically correct, businesses and corporations are now directing their employees to say the all-encompassing Happy Holidays instead of the limiting and possibly offensive Merry Christmas. Really, people?

I celebrate Christmas and in no way is the holiday “at war” or “under attack.”
Unfortunately, there are still large segments of the population that do not value diversity, and it is these groups that see a politically-correct greeting as an affront to their religion. Say Merry Christmas to the friends and family you are sure celebrate Christmas, but when meeting new people, use Happy Holidays. It’s safer, easier, and more polite. You do not need to profess your love for the baby Jesus everywhere you go. Respect that other people have different views, and this difference in opinion is what makes our campus, the city, this country, so great. Besides, Happy Holidays is so much shorter than Merry-Christmas-and-a-Happy-New-Year. That’s quite the mouthful.

Below are some segments of Jon Stewart’s War on Christmas (and a bonus from Stephen Colbert). Take a break from finals and feel free to LOL. But not too loud – remember the 24/7 Quiet Hours!

Laura is a first-year at Barnard College and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing. She wishes everyone a very Happy Holidays and a restful Winter Break.


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