Dealing with Finals Stress on Campus 2011

This campus may seem to be a mess of stress and chaos around finals time, but the truth is that this university really does have your back. Here are some events happening around campus that can help you unwind over the coming week!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Stress Free Zone
Liz’s Place and 101 Diana, 11-3
Take a break from studying to make jewelry and listen to live music by Barnard’s guitar teacher DB Leonard.

Live At Lerner Presents: Study Breaks-Dinosaurs (+ Open Mic)
Lerner Piano Lounge, 12-2

Midnight breakfast… ladies, prepare yourselves.

 If you feel that sitting in Butler and working on your poetry portfolio is getting to you, warm up your vocal chords and try out your words at this open mic. This event will also include backrubs by Stressbusters, free food, and temporary tattoos.

Stressbusters in Butler
Room 203 of Butler, 8 P.M.-12 P.M.
If you’re still aching for a backrub, chill out with the Stressbusters and their fun study break in the library.

Thursday, December 15, 2011
Winter Warm-Up
Diana Center Cafeteria Lobby, 10:30-12 A.M.
Grab some pastries and hot beverages courtesy of the Barnard College Office of Diversity Initiatives!

Midnight Breakfast
LeFrak Gymnasium in Barnard Hall, 11 P.M. -2:30 A.M.
Our beloved McAC Barnard tradition is going French this year, with a dance party and free food served by the administration. Admission with a Barnard/CU ID, but only at your scheduled time!
11:00 P.M.- Barnard First-Years
11:30 P.M.- All other Barnard students
12:00 A.M.- Columbia University community


Orgo Night
Butler Library and beyond, 11:59 P.M.
After making headlines for their lyric-writing abilities, you can bet that this semester’s concert/comedy show performed by the Columbia University Marching Band will delight and entertain all. Except for maybe those Organic Chemistry students who actually have to study in Butler that night. Sorry, kids!

Friday, December 16, 2011
Walt Pizney Presents: The Wonderful World of Pizmon
Rennert Hall in the basement of Hillel at 606 W 115th Street
Come sing along with the Disney Princesses (and Princes) of Columbia University’s Jewish a cappella group at their end-of-semester concert.

Sunday, December 18, 2011
Puppies at Columbia
John Jay, Furnald, and Carman lounges, 1-4 P.M.
Your political theory paper doesn’t lick your face. Your design portfolio doesn’t have a fluffy tail. And let’s face it, those equations don’t make you quite as happy as pug puppies. Come enjoy yoga, massages, and food along with dogs for your stressbusting pleasure, courtesy of Columbia’s Office of Residential Programs and the Office of Community Development.

Primal Scream
Morningside Heights, 11:59 P.M.
This Columbia tradition occurs right at the apex of the university’s most stressful time. Just throw down your books, stand on a table, and scream your heart out in frustration. Extra points if you do it by yourself in the library.

Photos courtesy of The Wandering Eater and Columbia Marching Band.


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