Discussion in the Diana: “What is your first-year roommate horror story?”

Compiled by Amelia Rosen

Seem familiar?

Fall semester is nearly over, and the first-years are starting to settle into their new homes here at Barnard. Some may be a little upset because they think they are the “only ones” with horrendous roommate situations. A piece of information for the downtrodden: for better, or worse, you are NOT alone. Here are some of Barnard students’ most dreadful roommate stories. Needless to say, the responses are kept anonymous to protect students from awkward encounters with their horrifying first-year roommates. Feel free to comment (anonymously, of course) with your own horror stories!

  • “One morning, my roommate told me about how she had hooked up in the lounge with a guy the night before because I was sleeping in our room. She even said that they were walked-in on at one point by some timid girl on our floor. I heard this story multiple times afterwards, it was even backed up by her friends, but I didn’t think much about it, since it was a pretty funny story. In the spring, on one of our last nights as roommates, she said to me, ‘You know that time I told you I hooked up with that guy in the lounge? That actually happened right here. You were sleeping like a log.’ I kind of wish she had never told me.”
  • “I walked in the room on the first day, and her side was already decorated…like my grandma’s house! Let’s just say our sides didn’t match.

  • “My roommate didn’t know to flush toilet paper. She threw it in the trash, but she NEVER took out the trash.”
  • “My roommate and I talked online before we got to school, and even though we had nothing in common, it seemed like everything would go well, Then after we got to school, I noticed her TV was on every night when I went to bed. Eventually, I would just turn it off, thinking it was no big deal. It turned out she had ‘forgotten to mention’ that she needed the TV on to fall asleep at night, and refused to have it turned off—I was told I didn’t ‘understand’ her lifestyle. She also asked me to turn my alarm off (as in, not wake up for my 8 A.M. classes) because it disturbed her, and to stop walking so loud. Add in daily Skype conversations with non-stop complaints to her mother, lots of gossip to the other girls in our dorm about how I was ‘the worst roommate in the world,’ and passive-aggressive Facebook statuses about me, and I don’t think it’s any shocker that I moved out.”
  • “My friend’s roommate kept a dildo on the top of her bedside table.”
  • “When I first got to college I had never been drunk. One night, about a month into the semester, my roommate decided to make it her mission to get me wasted. I was the night’s entertainment as she and her friends kept giving me shots and before long I was a complete shit show, stumbling and slurring everywhere. I ended up getting really sick. Needless to say, I never went out with her again after that.”

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Photos courtesy of The Frisky and SomeEcards.


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