Chromeo Concert Review: Night Falls Tour

By Ama Debrah

In my many years of concert attending, I have identified three types of (obnoxious) concertgoers that one must be prepared to encounter before entering any musical venue:

Type A
A Type A attendee has been either drinking or doing some other illegal substance in the hours leading up to the concert, and now has absolutely no idea where they are, who is playing, or how to conduct themselves in a public atmosphere. Be prepared to be hugged, pummeled, and/or puked on by this concert attendee.

David Macklovitch… probably too cool to be a Type C.

Type B
Whether or not this attendee has either had a really bad day or just a really bad attitude, the typical Type B concertgoer has no understanding of the concept of a concert and behaviors that become standard (if not accepted). They don’t understand that people will yell and, more than likely, you will be pushed either purposefully or accidentally by someone that you do not know. Always approach a Type B with caution, for even a simple nudge can provoke a verbal attack or even physical force.

Type C
If you are standing next to a Type C attendee, my only advice is to run for cover. The Type C concertgoer will jump around obnoxiously, scream until they are hoarse, and sing along regardless of knowing the lyrics to every single song at the concert.

Despite the bad reputation, I proudly identify myself as a Type C concertgoer. At a usually concert, my voice goes hoarse about halfway into the opening band’s set, and I’m normally bedridden for the rest of the week due to excessive dancing. Regardless of this fact, I was ridiculously excited to see Chromeo’s Night Falls Tour at Terminal 5 November 5th, which was also the closing performance of the United States part of the tour.

Yes, we all know that David Macklovich (better known as Dave 1 or lead singer of the P-Thugg/Dave 1 Chromeo duo) is a Barnard French professor currently on sabbatical until Fall 2012. A Chromeo fan ever since hearing “Bonafide Lovin’” on America’s Best Dance Crew back in 2008, I was excited to experience in concert their electo-funk tunes and the hits off their latest album, Business Casual.

The first opening artist of the night was Breakbot, whose upbeat power-pop tunes got the crowd pumped for what was to be a whirlwind three-hour concert. Breakbot played his main jams, such as “Make You Mine” and “Baby I’m Yours,” (the anthem of the summer of senior year), and also spun a tribute to the recently deceased DJ Mehdi. Unfortunately, I happened to be standing next to a duo of Type Bs, who called me a “crazy bitch” for accidentally bumping them in the shoulder and referred to me as “the screamer,” while taking video footage of the concert. (I replied to this identification by screaming louder.) Next up was Mayer Hawthorne, an adorable soul crooner from Detroit. I enjoyed myself so much with his retro tunes and impossibly catchy hooks, (see “Maybe So, Maybe No” and “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out“), that I almost forgot that I was attending a Chromeo concert.

But, with the beginning of Chromeo’s chant, “Chromeo, OOOOOOH!,” everyone in attendance was reminded of purpose of the night: to get down. Dave 1, who was wearing a tuxedo to possibly celebrate the final concert of the tour, was not to be outdone by P-Thugg, who, in addition to his gold chains, was wearing a leopard scarf. The concert opened with “Fancy Footwork,” the titular single from Chromeo’s 2007 album. Chromeo played all their hits, from “Hot Mess,” “Tenderoni,” and “Needy Girl” to lesser-known songs like “Momma’s Boy” and “So Gangsta.” The duo was on fire, adding impromptu drum battles to numerous songs and guitar solos. During the performance of the latest single off Business Casual, “When the Night Falls,” Dave 1 opened by shouting, “Are you ready to get pregnant?!” as reference to its bizarre music video. A-Track, uber-famous DJ and younger brother of Dave 1, even came out and played the drums.

In addition to the excellent acoustics of the concert, I was also impressed by the way Chromeo used the Terminal 5 venue. Every song was accentuated by an impressive light performance, during “Night by Night,” actual confetti fell from the ceiling, and Terminal 5’s gigantic disco ball added an extra funky feel. By the end of the concert, everyone had danced their butts off and had an infectious grin on their face. The best part of the concert was Chromeo did not take themselves too seriously, and simply focused on playing great music. Although Chromeo’s music may not change the world, it will definitely make it a more fun place to be in, even for Type Bs.

Ama Debrah is a sophomore at Barnard College, and Food Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Photo courtesy of The Tennessean.


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