What We’re Reading: October 5, 2011

Compiled by The Nine Ways of Knowing Staff

“Aorta tell you how much I love you”

Despite huge speculation and stratospheric expectations for an iPhone 5, Apple announced…the iPhone 4S. Cue widespread nerd disappointment. (Slate)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is still not running for President despite recent efforts to draft him into the race, in spite of the fact Christie has been saying he wouldn’t run for months now. (New York Times)

Did you love The Lion King in 3D as much as Caroline did? You’re in luck, Disney and Pixar are rereleasing a slate of old favorites over the next 2 years (The Mary Sue)

Are you both a nerd and a romantic? These posters may be right up your alley. (Smitten)

Would you take a pill to avoid going gray? (bellasugar)

FoodGawker what? This is our new obsession when it comes to becoming a better cook. (Saveur)

A slideshow of the clichés in our favorite guilty pleasure, romantic comedies. (BuzzSugar)

Twenty years later, Anita Hill discusses her testimony against Justice Clarence Thomas, which changed the way Americans thought about and reported sexual harassment. (Newsweek)

Image courtesy of Etsy


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