What We’re Reading: September 7

Compiled by Samantha Plotner

Already looking for ways to procrastinate? Zooey Deschanel’s new TV show “New Girl” will be available online ahead of its premiere (Hollywood Reporter)

Advocates are beginning to press lawmakers for greater regulation of sperm donation for a variety of ethical and biological reasons. (NYTimes)

The Disney Princesses as college students. (CollegeCandy)

Could Jon Huntsmen actually win the New Hampshire Republican primary? (Slate)

Author Deanna Fei’s touching Modern Love column about dealing with how other people perceived her relationship with her then boyfriend in Shanghai. (NYTimes)

It’s a Barbie and Ken wedding! No, really. My Barbie’s weddings were never this pretty. (TresSugar)

How would you react to seeing a severely bruised stranger? Would you, like this writer, be concerned about domestic violence? (The Frisky)

Here is some speculation about what the highly anticipated iPhone 5 will look like. (geeksugar)

The birth control option you probably don’t know about. (Glamour)


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