Barnard Communications Announces Another Website Redesign

By Lindsay Garten

In an email to members of the Barnard College community, Joanne Kwong, Vice President for Communications, informed students that there are going to further changes to the College’s website. Barnard Communications hosted a series of focus groups and community forums to get feedback from students, faculty and staff about how they were interacting with the new website. They also “presented some of the new developments and functionalities that [they’re] planning to implement in the next year.”
Kwong thanked everyone who participated in the discussions, and noted that they “continued to tweak and improve all areas of the website, based in large part on [community members’] invaluable comments and ideas.” Barnard Communications also asked for feedback on alternative designs with a link on the main Barnard homepage.

Kwong wrote that, “From what we learned in our lively discussion and through individual feedback collected at the meetings and forums, we’ve done two things:
             * Reorganized the content layout, creating clearly labeled spaces that will allow             for more news, events and announcements; and
             * Created two alternative header/footer designs that we believe incorporate most             of the comments and suggestions collected.
Barnard Communications is urging students to provide feedback using the following link: Kwong reminded students that, “design is often a matter of personal preference. Please tell us not only which one you like best, but rather which one you think represents and appeals to all of Barnard’s many constituencies and audiences—-students, faculty, staff, prospective students, parents, alumnae, visitors, neighbors and media—-most authentically and effectively.”
The comment period ends on Friday April 29, at 5 p.m, after which the information will be gathered and a new design will be announced. The changes will be implemented over the summer, with a new design in place by the first day of classes in the fall. If there are concerns or specific comments students should click on the “Site Feedback” link at the bottom of every page on the website or email
 Lindsay is a sophomore at Barnard and Co-Editor-in-Chief for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

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