Dear Diana: My Religion Isn’t Everything

Dear Diana,
I am very religious I have been having some issues with my new friends on campus because of it.Everyone on my floor goes out to party but because of my religious beliefs I cannot join them.  It’s totally impairing my social life and I don’t want to be known as the super religious girl who has no fun. How do I approach them without coming off as a total loser?
My Religion Isn’t Everything
Dear My Religion Isn’t Everything,
First off, power to you for sticking to your beliefs. Because college is a time when we no longer have our parents breathing down our necks, many students let loose and go beyond their realm of comfort. It could be very easy for you to just throw away your beliefs and go out and party with your friends, but you have chosen to separate from the crowd and stay true your beliefs. Thus, you should embrace your decision and not be ashamed of it. If your friends mock you for your religion in a hurtful manner, then they are not true friends and you should probably find new ones.
Find friends whose beliefs align with your own and befriend students who have fun without partying so you can go out with them. There are so many things to do in New York City besides partying that will not compromise your beliefs. Check out one of New York’s amazing restaurants, go to a movie, or even go shopping. You are going to school in NYC so take advantage of it!  If your friends have the same values as you, you will never have to fear compromising your values and can still have an amazing social life.
However, it is also possible to be friends with people who have different beliefs than your own. Create a no-judgment policy so both of you can be comfortable in the relationship. Don’t judge their party life-style and they won’t judge your religious lifestyle. This way you can be friends with different people whom you can undoubtedly learn from and simultaneously maintain your religious beliefs.
All in all, I think it is a matter of sticking to your morals and choosing the correct friends. You are definitely on the right path with your morals, but you need to seriously think about why you are afraid to confront your friends. As long as they are good friends, they will accept you for your differences. Good luck My Religion Isn’t Everything!



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