In Dorm Dining: Chicken with Basil and Rosemary Cream Sauce

By Samantha Plotner

As midterms came to a close I found myself with more time to make dinner than I had had in a few weeks. So to celebrate I went a bit more complex than usual. There were more dishes to wash but the end result was quite worth it.

Note: Unlike when I bake I don’t measure things out when I cook so all these measurements are rough, this is a recipe that’s a lot of adding a bit of this here and a smidge of that there.


Photo courtesy of Lindsay Garten

Boneless chicken breast
Olive oil
Half-and-half (you can also use heavy cream)
Parmesan cheese
Whole wheat pasta
Salt and pepper

Frying pan
Baking dish
Cutting board
Sharp knife
Stirring spoon
Small bowl


  1. Chop basil and rosemary as small as possible, set aside in small bowl, aim for about a handful total.
  2. Chop about three cloves of garlic, put one in with the herbs, set the rest aside in the baking dish.
  3. Chop half an onion, put into the baking dish with the garlic, spread it around the pan
  4. Put kosher salt on both sides of the chicken, put in the baking dish (cut into small pieces if desired), drizzle with olive oil and put aside
  5. Melt just under a stick of butter in a frying pan on low heat
  6. Add half and half slowly so there is about equal parts butter and half and half, stir to combine
  7. Pour in the herb/garlic mixture and stir well, add parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to taste
  8. Start cooking the pasta
  9. Put the chicken under the broiler, check doneness frequently
  10. When the pasta finishes reserve a cup of the cooking water to add to the sauce.
  11. Mix the finished pasta and the sauce; add about a quarter cup of the cooking water and stir. This should help the sauce become less watery if you allow it to stand. I for one wasn’t patient enough to let the sauce to solidify but it was still quite delicious.
  12. Mix the finished chicken with the sauce and pasta. Serve.

Bon appetite!

Samantha is a sophomore at Barnard College and Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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