Dr. Elizabeth Boylan To Depart

This past Wednesday, President of the College Debora L. Spar announced that Dr. Elizabeth S. Boylan, will be leaving her position as Dean of Faculty and Provost. Boylan has served in the position since arriving at Barnard College in 1995; since her arrival, she has also served as a tenured professor of biological sciences. Paul E. Hertz, a faculty member since 1979 will serve as the interim Provost.

Boylan departs Barnard to serve as Program Director of the Alfred P. Sloan foundation, where she will be primarily responsible for promoting programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

At Barnard, Boylan presided over numerous developments in the college. Under her watch, the proportion of female professors, the overall tenure rate and diversity as a whole have all increased. Additionally, she oversaw the implementation of numerous grants for faculty career enhancement and renovations to Barnard’s science  facilities. Boylan was also instrumental in the design and programming of the Diana Center.

In a statement released through the college, President Spar stated, “[Boylan] is an extraordinary example of what it means to be both teacher and scholar.  Her steadfast love of academia and her passion for her work have been gifts to Barnard, and have truly shaped this institution into a place where devoted faculty can be scholars on the cutting edge.” She continued, “Our loss is unequivocally the Sloan Foundation’s gain.”

Information from a Barnard Press Release contributed to this post.


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