Dear Diana: An Amicable Advice Column

by Elianna Mintz
As I rolled over in bed and looked at my alarm clock, I began to freak out. It was 10:00 am and class had started an hour earlier. I jumped out of bed, complaining that I would miss another class because my alarm had once again failed to go off. As I was furiously grabbing something to wear out of my closet, my roommate innocently mentioned that since my alarm had been going off for a while she turned it off in order to go back to sleep. I looked at her with indignation but she barely seemed to notice. It all made sense now. I had been sleeping through classes all semester because my roommate had been turning my alarm off before I had woken up. I was beyond livid, but didn’t know how to go about confronting my roommate. I seriously needed advice.

While this is not my personal story, this did happen to one of my friends. It was a bad situation and my friend needed advice on how to deal with it.

Starting next week there will be a new resource for advice here at Barnard College. I will serve as the advice columnist for The Nine Ways of Knowing blog. Anytime you are faced with a difficult query and need advice, send your questions my way. Whether it is a boy, roommate, friend, family, or professor issue, I am here to help you.
Send your questions to me at I can’t wait to hear from you.

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