What We’re Reading: February 6

compiled by Samantha Plotner

Women are more effective lawmakers according to a study in The Journal of Political Science (Newsweek)

Even to a cynic, this is an incredibly moving story about the love this guy has for his traumatically injured girlfriend. The audio is twenty minutes long, but it is definitely worth listening to (The Frisky)

Since when are bath salts drugs? (KTLA)

We all know Valentine’s Day is imminent (Next week the blog is going V-Day themed!) but what about St. Valentine, whose name the holiday bears? Here are few theories. (The Frisky)

What TV writers apparently think of smart people (Cracked)

Barney’s will no longer be carrying Prada, aside from menswear and shoes (The Cut)

Since yesterday was World Nutella Day here is a recipe for Nutella Cupcakes (The Food Librarian)

A real life where’s waldo, I swear there is a person in these photos! (BellaSugar)

Supporters of the Anti-Government protestors in Egypt protested in Times Square on Friday (Time)

Women in Afghanistan are jailed for “moral crimes” (Marie Claire)

Samantha is a sophomore at Barnard College and the Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Nine Ways of Knowing.

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