Barnard Announces Launch of New Website

By Lindsay Garten

In an email to the Barnard College community this afternoon, Joanne Kwong, Vice President for Communications, announced that a new website for the college will be live on Monday, Jan. 31.

Kwong noted that the new website features many improvements over its predecessor, “we will now have a centralized content management system (CMS) that will make publishing, sharing, and finding information much easier and more efficient.” She also expressed excitement due to the website’s new design.

The new website has been in development for the past one and a half years, with Scott DiPerna at the helm of a team of workers. In her email Kwong thanked DiPerna and his team. “Mighty congratulations are in order for our electronic communications team — Scott DiPerna, Laura Downs-Buma, Sarah Cohen, and Martina Szarek.” Kwong also noted the key role students played in the process. “Finally, a special note of thanks is deserved by our tireless and dedicated student workers who helped build hundreds of pages on the new site — Adrienne Hezghia ’12, Ananta Pandey ’14, Amy Ho ’12, and Colleen McKenzie ’12.”

Kwong concluded, “It is important to note that the launch on Monday represents only the beginning of the redevelopment of our website.” At the bottom of the website there will be a link to provide feedback on the page. Any questions or concerns can be directed to

Lindsay is a Sophomore at Barnard College and is a Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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